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Since its inception, the JLA has published 19 volumes that are filled with seminal articles on an array of topics related to Jewish law. While for many years the JLA was published under the auspices of Boston University, it has recently been transferred to the Institute for the Research of Jewish Law, at the Faculty of Law, Hebrew University (it is published in English through the Routledge Publishing house). This is a very exciting milestone in the history of JLA, and presents a singular opportunity for further enhancing this publication, and assuring that it will serve as a first tier journal of Jewish law for years to come.


 The JLA is a peer reviewed journal, which offers a unique platform for publishing articles in the field of Jewish law, broadly defined.  In addition to publishing articles on Jewish law and Halakhah proper, the journal also extends to surrounding fields including Jewish philosophy, Jewish history, biblical studies, Talmudic research, as well as law and religion, and comparative law and jurisprudence.

The Jewish Law Annual Volumes 20-21


Editors: Dr. Benjamin Porat, Hebrew University; Prof, David FlattoHebrew University


Volume I


Part I – Mishneh Torah Studies
Pierre Legendre, The Work and Method of Western Jurists in the XIIth Century.6
Haim H. Cohn, Maimondean Theories of Codification15
Shamma Friedman, The Organizational Pattern of the Mishneh Torah37
Jacob I. Dienstag, The Relationship of Maimonides to his Predecessors: Part I, Midrashic Literature42
Nachum L. Rabinovitch, Mishneh Torah-Code and Commentary61
Lenn Evan Goodman, Maimonides' Philosophy of Law72
Gerald G. Blindstein, Maimonides on 'Oral Law'.108
Daniel Jeremy Silver, "Moses our Teacher was a King"123
Jacob S. Levinger, Maimonides as Philosopher and Codifier.133
Shmuel Shilo, Maimonides on "Dina de-malkhuta Dina (The Law of the State is Law)"146
Bernard S. Jackson, Maimonides' Definitions of Tam and Mu'ad168


Part II – Chronicle
Current Responsa, Decisions of Batei Din, and Rabbinical Literature179
Impotence as Grounds for Divorce (J. David Bleich)184
Tenure (J. David Bleich)187
Sterilization (G.B Haliarad)192
Euthanasia (G.B Halibard)196
Jewish Law in the Judgements of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel (M. Bass, D. Cheshin)200
The Race Relations Act, 1976 (Robert Merkin)213
Refusal to Testify as a protected First Amendment Religious Right (Bernard J. Meislin)219
Child Custody: Compelling a Jewish Upbrigning (Bernard J. Meislin)221
Recognition of Bet Din Juridstiction (Bernard J. Meislin)223
Civil Court Enforcement of Agreement to Obtain a "get" (Bernard J. Meislin)228
The Status of a Foreign "Get" in Belgium (M.D.A. Freeman)228
Leviticus XVIII, The Forbidden Degrees and the Law of Incest in Scotland (David Sellar)229
Some Legal Aspects of the Entebbe Incident (Malcolm N. Shaw)232
Survey of Recent Literature243


Volume II 


Part I – Codification and Restatement 
M. Chigier, Codification of Jewish Law3
Samuel N. Hoenig, Halakhot Gedolot: An Early Halakhic Code45
S.M Passamaneck, A Companion Index to Responsa in Shulhan Arukh, Hoshen Mishpat56
Nahum Rakover, The Department of Jewish Law of the Ministry of Justice in Israel74
D.B Sinclair, Projects of the Institute for Research in Jewish Law, Jerusalem82
Menachem Slae, The Responsa Project84
Daniel Friedmann, Problems of Codification of Civil Law in Israel88
John G. Fleming, The Restatement in Uncodified Mixed Jurisdictions125
David Pearl, Codification in Islamic Law162
M. D. A. Freeman, The Concept of Codification168
Bernard S. Jackson, The Prospects for Codification or Restatement of Jewish Law: A Personal Summation180


Part II – Chronicle 
Current Responsa, Decisions of Bate Din, and Rabbinical Literature (J. David Bleich): 
     Status of the Deaf-Mute in Jewish Law187
     Hazardous Medical Procedures194
     Who is a Jew?199
Jewish Law in the Judgments of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel (D.B. Sinclair): 
     Penetration in Rape Cases204
     Judicial Legislation205
Certainty of Trusts and the Definition of a Jew (England) (Malcolm Shaw)  
Varia Americana (Bernard J Meislin) 
    Religious Garb216
    Jewish Law and Dead Bodies218
Sabbath Work: Violation of Employee's Civil Rights220
Three Constitutional Issues Concerning Non-Catholics in Italy (Daniela Piattelli)222
Religious Discrimination (E.E.C) (G.M Golding)230
Recognition of Bet Din Jurisdiction in Kashrut Matter (France) (Robert D. Lehmann)234
Survey of Recent Literature237











Volume III

Part I – Unjust Enrichment

B.S Jackson, Introduction3
Nahum Rakover, Unjust Enrichment9
Shalom Albeck, Benefiting Another Without his Consent33
Norman Solomon, Concepts of Zeh Neheneh in the Analytic School49
A. Ehrman, Pretium Iustum and Laesio Enormis in Roman and Jewish Source63
          Appendix: Publication of Dr. A. Ehrman71
Palimport Ltd. V. Ziba Geigi Ltd74
The Israel Unjust Enrichment Law 197980
David Walters, The Restitution of Unjustly Acquired Benefits in English and Scots Law84
Lenn Evan Goodman, Unjust Enrichment and Regulation98






Part II – Chronicle

Current Responsa, Decisions of Bate Din, and Rabbinical Literature (1-4: J. David Bleich, 5: G.B. Halibard):  
     Neurological Criteria of Death and Time of Death Statutes115
     Privacy of Personal Correspondence128
     Professional Secrecy131
     Severance Pay: Hired Servant or Independent Contractor137
     Abortion in Jewish Law: A recent Judgment 139
Jewish Law in the State of Israel (D. B Sinclair):  
     The Supreme Court   154
     Rabbinical Courts161
     The Fundamental of Law Bill, 5738-1978165
Varia Americana (Bernard J. Meislin):  
     Jews in America: Contending for Recognition as a separate Race or Class170
     Rhode Island and the Jews (with Ecursions to Connecticut)172
     Sunday Closing Laws: Constitutionality 175
International Law (Malcolm N. Shaw):  
    The Egyptian-Israeli Treaty, 1979180
    International Law and the West Bank187
Israel and the EEC: A New Legal Model for Trade and Cooperation (Joseph-Halevy H. Weiler)196
Survey of Recent Literature213
Appendix: Bibliography of Jewish Law Articles in Selected Law Journals245


Volume XX

Yitshak COHEN, Midrashic Exegesis and Legal Creativity in the Meshekh Hokhma1
Israel Zvi GILAT , Exegetical Creativity in Interpreting the Biblical Laws on Capital Offenses41
Amihai RADZYNER, Problematic Halakhic 'Creativity' in Israeli Rabbinical Court Rulings103
Arye SCHREIBER, Privacy in Jewish Law: A Historical and Conceptual Analysis179
Shalom C. SPIRA and Mark A. WAINBERG, HIV Vaccine Triage: Halakhic Considerations235
Ronnie WARBURG, Contractual Consequences of Cohabitation in American Law and Jewish Law279
Book Review: Steven F. FRIEDELL, Yuval Sinai, Application of Jewish Law in the Israeli Courts (Hebrew)339
Style Sheet347


Volume XXI

  • Hanina Ben-Menahem: Free Will and Coercion in the Talmud: A Preliminary Taxonomy
  • Itzhak Brand: On suspicion: Justice, Ethics, and Society – between Rationalism and Pietism
  • Warren Zev Harvey: Albo on Repentance and Coercion
  • Yishai Kiel: Noahide Law and the Inclusiveness of Sexual Ethics: Between Roman Palestine and Sasanian Babylonia
  • Itay Lipschits and Mordechai E. Schwarz: Aggregation of Estimates when Decision by Majority is not Possible
  • Aaron Orenstein: "We Do Not Assess in the Case of Thief, nor that of the Robber, but [We Assess] in the Case of Damage"

Book Review

Ilan Fuchs: Yitzhak Cohen, The ‘Or Sameah’ – Halakhan and Jewish Law: R. Meir Simcha Hakohen's Writings on Maimonides' Code




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