In 2016/17, the Law Faculty offers the following courses regarding Jewish law:



  1. Prof. David Flatto and Dr. Benjamin Porat, Introduction to Jewish Law
  2. Advanced Workshop in Jewish Law
  3. Dr. Hila Ben-Eliyahu, Responsa: Rhetoric, Reasoning and Authority
  4. Judge Drori Moshe, Property Law Within the Family
  5. Prof. Michael Helfand, Religion, Law and Multiculturalism: the American Experience
  6. Dr. Yifat Monnickendam, The Historical Roots of Jewish Family Law
  7. Dr. Benjamin Porat, Social Rights in Jewish Law
  8. Dr. Benjamin Porat, Contract Law in Jewish Law
  9. Dr. Yaacov Shapira, Conversion and Jewish Identity



  1. Prof. Aviad Hacohen, Religion and State
  2. Prof Gideon Libson, Comparative Jewish Islamic Law
  3. Dr. Benjamin Porat, Jewish Law: Methods of Research


From time to time, the Institute offers unique courses in the following subjects:

  1. The Literary Sources of Jewish Law
  2. The Comparative Aspects of Jewish Law Research