Confrence 2017

Law as Religion, Religion as Law Conference

Mt. Scopus, June 5th-7th, 2017

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Maiersdorf Faculty Club, Room 405

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Monday, June 5th

Welcome and Refreshments

Introduction and Opening Remarks


Session 1: Law and Theology in the Bible and in its Wake

  • Dr. Assnat Bartor (Tel Aviv University) “Biblical Law – A Successful Relationship between Law and Religion”
  • Dr. Ronit Irshai (Bar-Ilan University) “Law, Morality, and "Akedah" Theology”
  • Dr. Benjamin Porat (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem), “Legal-Theological Revolutions

Session 2: Legal Theology in the Modern Era


Prof. Michael Karayanni
The Bruce W. Wayne Chair in International Law & Dean, Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Fania Oz-Salzberger (University of Haifa) “Biblical Justice: A Secular Reading”


Tuesday, June 6th

Session 3: The Theology of Family Law

Session 4: Second Temple and Rabbinic Perspectives

  • Prof. David Flatto (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) “Law as Salvation: Three Paradigms”
  • Yedidah Koren (Tel-Aviv University) “"Mamzerim and Netinim will be Pure in the Future to Come" (t. Kid 5:4) – Law, Eschatology and Demonology in Ancient Judaism”
  • Dr. Haim Shapira (Bar-Ilan University) “The Virtue of Mercy – Law and Religion”

Session 5: The Theological Roots of Western Law

Session 6: Law, Religion and Minorities

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Samuel Moyn (Harvard Law School) “The Secret Origins of Human Dignity”


Wednesday, June 7th

Session 7: Commandments: between Theology and Jurisprudence


Session 8: Legal Theology: between East and West


Session 9: Liturgy and Speech Acts

  • Dr. Ayelet Libson (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem) “The Legal Functions of Liturgy
  • Prof. Miryam Segal (Queens College, The City University of New York) “Neder and Nomos”


Session 10: Liturgy and Speech Acts

Keynote Speaker

Prof. Joseph Weiler (New York University) “The Trial of Jesus - A Theology”



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