Study Group - Jewish-Christian Polemic on the Nature of Law

 For the second year of the scholarly project on "Law as Religion, Religion as Law," we will be convening a study group focusing upon the "Jewish-Christian Polemic on the Nature of Law."

 The study group will meet six times, three per semester.  Each meeting will be dedicated to a guided study of relevant texts on a specific topic.  

The meetings will take place on Thursdays, 14:00-15:30, at Hebrew University Law School on Mount Scopus, Room 357 (the Freimann Room, on the same floor as the law library).  Light refreshments will be served.  [Please take note of the slight change in time and in a date, relative to an earlier announcement].  


Here is a schedule of our meetings:

First Semester

 8.12.16--Professor Yisrael Yuval (Hebrew University), "The Law of Inheritance and the Heritage of Law: Oral Law versus the New Testament"

 15.12.16--Professor Gary Anderson (University of Notre Dame), "Almsgiving Delivers from Death: Jewish, Protestant and Catholic Polemics about the Rewards that attend keeping the Mitsvot"

 29.12.16--Professor Moshe Halbertal (Hebrew University), "The Law as a Gift, and Love of the Law: Between the Tannaitic and Pauline Traditions"


 Second Semester

2.3.17--Professor Jeremy Cohen (Tel Aviv University), "Thomas Aquinas, Observing the Mitsvot of the Torah, and the Problem of Supersessionism"

9.3.17--Professor Paula Fredriksen (Boston University and the Hebrew University), "Paul, Origen and Augustine on the "Christian" status of Jewish law"

30.3.17--Dr. Barbara Meyer (Tel Aviv University), "The Charge of Legicide" 


The project is sponsored by the Aharon Barak Center for Interdisciplinary Legal Research