Additional Events

April 2nd 2017

A symposium in Memory of Prof. Shmuel Shilo

Yad Ben-Tzvi, 14 Ibn Gabirol, Jerusalem


Jewish law as the Face of the Generation: The Future Challenges of Jewish Law in the 21st Century



December 20th 2016

A guest lecture: Michael J. Broyde (Emory University)

What should be the role of both governmental and private rabbinical courts in a liberal western democracy?

Responding: Judge Ben Zion Greenberger


June 8th 2016

A symposium towards the publication of Prof. Chaim N. Saiman (Villanova Law School), Halakha: The Rabbinic Idea of Law

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May 31st 2015

A symposium towards the publication of Prof. Christine Hayes (Yale University), What’s Divine about Divine Law? Early Perspectives

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