Advanced Workshop in Jewish Law

The Advanced Workshop in Jewish law is a platform for discussing new articles regarding Jewish Law. Workshop participants include Law students who wish to expand their knowledge of Jewish law, as well as Jewish Law researchers. The workshop hosts leading researchers, and invites them to present their finest recent studies.


List of meetings for 2017/18

The workshop will be held in the second semester, on Tuesdays, at 18:30-20:00 In room 119.
  1. Professor Stephan Wendehorst, “Ius Commune and Particular Laws: Jewish Law between Extreme and Representative Cases,” University of Vienna, 27.3.18.
  2. Dr. Yehuda Altschuler, “Tax and Society: The Tax Policy of Ashkenaz and France in Medieval Times and Its Social Significance,” The Greater Institute for Torah, Bar Ilan University, 10.4.18.
  3. Ms. Yedidya Koren, “The Supervision and Guarding of Pedigree in Rabbinic Literature,” Tel Aviv University, 24.4.18.
  4. Dr. Ephraim Shoham-Steiner, “Joint Criminal Acts between Jews and Gentiles in Medieval Europe,” Ben Gurion University, 1.5.18.
  5. Professor Lawrence Schiffman, “The Prohibition of Judicial Corruption in the Temple Scroll and Ancient Jewish Law,” New York University, 8.5.18.
  6. Dr. Sarit Kattan, “Law and Leisure in the Talmudic Corpus and the Theodosian Code: Shabbat, the Lord’s Day and Debates about the Nature of Time,” Fordham University, 15.5.18.
  7. Dr. Hayim Shapira, “Courts in the Mishna: A New Perspective on the First Chapter of Sanhedrin,” Bar Ilan University, 22.5.18.
  8. Professor Alon Harel, “Necessity Knows No Law: On Extreme Cases and Un-Codifiable Necessities,” The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 29.5.18.
  9. Dr. Naama Sat, “Rav Uziel’s Rulings for Agunot,” The Greater Institute for Torah, Bar Ilan University, 5.6.18.
  10. Dr. Roni Weinstein, “Maran Yosef Karo: A Global Perspective of His Codes of Law,” Foreign Students Program, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 12.6.18.
  11. Professor Jonathan Milgram, “From the Ancient Near East to the Mishna: Tannaitic Inheritance Laws in their Judicial and Social Contexts,” The Jewish Theological Seminary, 19.6.18.
  12. Round Table: Justice Ben Tziyon Greenberger, Rabbi Advocate Shimon Yaakobi, Advocate Anat Lifshitz, Professor Dov Frimer, Rabbinical Judge Shlomo Shtasman, “The Duty of Child Support in Cases of Joint Custody, In Wake of Ruling 919/15 Anonymous V. Anonymous,” 26.6.18.


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