Shnaton Ha-Mishpat Ha-Ivri

Shnaton Ha-Mishhpat Ha-Ivri annual serves as an important platform for publishing Jewish-Law-related articles.

The Shnaton’s volumes include rich and qualitative studies in both classic and modern topics, written by the finest researchers.

Manuscript preparation rules are those customary in the Tarbitz annual.

Rules of citation are as customary in the Mispatim annual.

Manuscripts should be sent to:

Shnaton Ha-Mishhpat Ha-Ivri editorial board

The Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, Jerusalem 9190501

Or, via Email: 

a confirmation, declaring that the manuscript wasn’t submitted in the past, and won’t be submitted in the future to any annual, until the judgment process in the Shnaton is completed, must be attached.




All Issues are visible in Nevo and JSTOR websites.