Volume XIX


Part I – English Section
Elisha Ancselovits, The Prosbul – A Legal Fiction? 3
Hanina Ben-Menahem, Shame Punishment in Jewish Legal Culture: Some Preliminary Observations 17
Dov I. Frimer, Refusal to Give a get: Tort Damages and the Recalcitrant Spouse in Contemporary Jewish Law 39
Bernard S. Jackson, Ruth's Conversion: Then and Now 53
Alfredo Mordechai Rabello, The End of Life in Jewish Law 63
Nahum Rakover, Man as a Synthesis of Body and Spirit: A Jewish Perspective 83
Chaim N. Saiman, Framing Jewish Law for the contemporary Law School 89
Daniel B. Sinclair, Normative Transparency in Jewish Law: Maimonides, R. Moses Sofer and R. Abraham Isaac Kook 119
Ronnie Warburg, The Tort of Negligent Misrepresentation in Investment Planning: A Comparative Analysis 141
Shai Wozner, On Conduct Rules and Decision Rules in Jewish Law 165



Part II – Hebrew Section
Berachyahu Lifshitz, Promises in Talmudic Law and Persian Law 183
Yuval Sinai, Maimonides on the "Two Witnesses" Requirement 207
Elimelech Westreich, The Official Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem (1841-1921), its Composition and Status 235
Style Sheet 263