Volume XXI

  • Hanina Ben-Menahem: Free Will and Coercion in the Talmud: A Preliminary Taxonomy
  • Itzhak Brand: On suspicion: Justice, Ethics, and Society – between Rationalism and Pietism
  • Warren Zev Harvey: Albo on Repentance and Coercion
  • Yishai Kiel: Noahide Law and the Inclusiveness of Sexual Ethics: Between Roman Palestine and Sasanian Babylonia
  • Itay Lipschits and Mordechai E. Schwarz: Aggregation of Estimates when Decision by Majority is not Possible
  • Aaron Orenstein: "We Do Not Assess in the Case of Thief, nor that of the Robber, but [We Assess] in the Case of Damage"

Book Review

Ilan Fuchs: Yitzhak Cohen, The ‘Or Sameah’ – Halakhan and Jewish Law: R. Meir Simcha Hakohen's Writings on Maimonides' Code