Volume II 


Part I – Codification and Restatement 
M. Chigier, Codification of Jewish Law3
Samuel N. Hoenig, Halakhot Gedolot: An Early Halakhic Code45
S.M Passamaneck, A Companion Index to Responsa in Shulhan Arukh, Hoshen Mishpat56
Nahum Rakover, The Department of Jewish Law of the Ministry of Justice in Israel74
D.B Sinclair, Projects of the Institute for Research in Jewish Law, Jerusalem82
Menachem Slae, The Responsa Project84
Daniel Friedmann, Problems of Codification of Civil Law in Israel88
John G. Fleming, The Restatement in Uncodified Mixed Jurisdictions125
David Pearl, Codification in Islamic Law162
M. D. A. Freeman, The Concept of Codification168
Bernard S. Jackson, The Prospects for Codification or Restatement of Jewish Law: A Personal Summation180


Part II – Chronicle 
Current Responsa, Decisions of Bate Din, and Rabbinical Literature (J. David Bleich): 
     Status of the Deaf-Mute in Jewish Law187
     Hazardous Medical Procedures194
     Who is a Jew?199
Jewish Law in the Judgments of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel (D.B. Sinclair): 
     Penetration in Rape Cases204
     Judicial Legislation205
Certainty of Trusts and the Definition of a Jew (England) (Malcolm Shaw)  
Varia Americana (Bernard J Meislin) 
    Religious Garb216
    Jewish Law and Dead Bodies218
Sabbath Work: Violation of Employee's Civil Rights220
Three Constitutional Issues Concerning Non-Catholics in Italy (Daniela Piattelli)222
Religious Discrimination (E.E.C) (G.M Golding)230
Recognition of Bet Din Jurisdiction in Kashrut Matter (France) (Robert D. Lehmann)234
Survey of Recent Literature237