Volume III

Part I – Unjust Enrichment

B.S Jackson, Introduction 3
Nahum Rakover, Unjust Enrichment 9
Shalom Albeck, Benefiting Another Without his Consent 33
Norman Solomon, Concepts of Zeh Neheneh in the Analytic School 49
A. Ehrman, Pretium Iustum and Laesio Enormis in Roman and Jewish Source 63
          Appendix: Publication of Dr. A. Ehrman 71
Palimport Ltd. V. Ziba Geigi Ltd 74
The Israel Unjust Enrichment Law 1979 80
David Walters, The Restitution of Unjustly Acquired Benefits in English and Scots Law 84
Lenn Evan Goodman, Unjust Enrichment and Regulation 98



Part II – Chronicle

Current Responsa, Decisions of Bate Din, and Rabbinical Literature (1-4: J. David Bleich, 5: G.B. Halibard):   
     Neurological Criteria of Death and Time of Death Statutes 115
     Privacy of Personal Correspondence 128
     Professional Secrecy 131
     Severance Pay: Hired Servant or Independent Contractor 137
     Abortion in Jewish Law: A recent Judgment  139
Jewish Law in the State of Israel (D. B Sinclair):   
     The Supreme Court    154
     Rabbinical Courts 161
     The Fundamental of Law Bill, 5738-1978 165
Varia Americana (Bernard J. Meislin):   
     Jews in America: Contending for Recognition as a separate Race or Class 170
     Rhode Island and the Jews (with Ecursions to Connecticut) 172
     Sunday Closing Laws: Constitutionality  175
International Law (Malcolm N. Shaw):   
    The Egyptian-Israeli Treaty, 1979 180
    International Law and the West Bank 187
Israel and the EEC: A New Legal Model for Trade and Cooperation (Joseph-Halevy H. Weiler) 196
Survey of Recent Literature 213
Appendix: Bibliography of Jewish Law Articles in Selected Law Journals 245