Volume I


Part I – Mishneh Torah Studies
Pierre Legendre, The Work and Method of Western Jurists in the XIIth Century.6
Haim H. Cohn, Maimondean Theories of Codification15
Shamma Friedman, The Organizational Pattern of the Mishneh Torah37
Jacob I. Dienstag, The Relationship of Maimonides to his Predecessors: Part I, Midrashic Literature42
Nachum L. Rabinovitch, Mishneh Torah-Code and Commentary61
Lenn Evan Goodman, Maimonides' Philosophy of Law72
Gerald G. Blindstein, Maimonides on 'Oral Law'.108
Daniel Jeremy Silver, "Moses our Teacher was a King"123
Jacob S. Levinger, Maimonides as Philosopher and Codifier.133
Shmuel Shilo, Maimonides on "Dina de-malkhuta Dina (The Law of the State is Law)"146
Bernard S. Jackson, Maimonides' Definitions of Tam and Mu'ad168


Part II – Chronicle
Current Responsa, Decisions of Batei Din, and Rabbinical Literature179
Impotence as Grounds for Divorce (J. David Bleich)184
Tenure (J. David Bleich)187
Sterilization (G.B Haliarad)192
Euthanasia (G.B Halibard)196
Jewish Law in the Judgements of the Supreme Court of the State of Israel (M. Bass, D. Cheshin)200
The Race Relations Act, 1976 (Robert Merkin)213
Refusal to Testify as a protected First Amendment Religious Right (Bernard J. Meislin)219
Child Custody: Compelling a Jewish Upbrigning (Bernard J. Meislin)221
Recognition of Bet Din Juridstiction (Bernard J. Meislin)223
Civil Court Enforcement of Agreement to Obtain a "get" (Bernard J. Meislin)228
The Status of a Foreign "Get" in Belgium (M.D.A. Freeman)228
Leviticus XVIII, The Forbidden Degrees and the Law of Incest in Scotland (David Sellar)229
Some Legal Aspects of the Entebbe Incident (Malcolm N. Shaw)232
Survey of Recent Literature243