Volume XX

Yitshak COHEN, Midrashic Exegesis and Legal Creativity in the Meshekh Hokhma1
Israel Zvi GILAT , Exegetical Creativity in Interpreting the Biblical Laws on Capital Offenses41
Amihai RADZYNER, Problematic Halakhic 'Creativity' in Israeli Rabbinical Court Rulings103
Arye SCHREIBER, Privacy in Jewish Law: A Historical and Conceptual Analysis179
Shalom C. SPIRA and Mark A. WAINBERG, HIV Vaccine Triage: Halakhic Considerations235
Ronnie WARBURG, Contractual Consequences of Cohabitation in American Law and Jewish Law279
Book Review: Steven F. FRIEDELL, Yuval Sinai, Application of Jewish Law in the Israeli Courts (Hebrew)339
Style Sheet347